"I have been a member of TNG for eight months now, and since joining I have found it to be an incredible benefit to my business, getting fresh ideas and sharing knowledge to build valuable business contacts. Those contacts become your ’tool kit’ to find solutions for other like minded business owners in your journey through life. TNG has given me the confidence to speak publicly to become a better sales person to achieve greater communication skills. Networking may not bring you instant sales success, but after other members trust you and believe in what you do, sales can come from within the group, and from outside the group. People talk to people, and from totally out of the blue, people from outside your group can bring you business when you least expect it. When you get to see the passion of other members talking about the success in their businesses, it becomes very empowering. Having the trust and support of other business owners in a structured group can only build greater business opportunities."
David Kerr – www.davidkerrphotography.co.nz

"Over the three years I’ve been involved with TNG I’ve had the most amazing chain of events unfold. In one of my early meetings I met a mortgage broker who was selling a property in Renuera. This connection led to several sales each unfolding one after the other and has eventually led to 10 transactions to date. Last night one of our clients signed a conditional contract at $200K above expectation and the chain hasn’t finished yet...
Undoubtedly The Real Estate Business is all about people and TNG has been a great source of meeting people and widening my connections. I work very hard to help the other members in my TNG network and I see it as a long term investment in both our businesses, they in turn respond with referrals for me and it’s a win/win scenario."
Rawinia Matthews – www.raywhite.co.nz

"Networking is about building enduring relationships, based on professional respect and trust – referral of business leads flows on from that.  In three years that I’ve been associated with TNG I conservatively estimate that I have achieved a return of at least 30 times the investment cost of membership.  But that’s only part of the story.  Of more significance is the prospective ongoing, life-time value of the relationships that have developed with colleagues in the TNG membership and the referrals that will continue to flow from these. Lastly, TNG forums are an amazing source of knowledge, experience and wisdom gained by others, and from which we can learn and can help us immensely in both our business and personal lives. I’m a passionate supporter of The Networking Group!"
Theo Simeonidis – www.uprotectnz.com

"I have been a TNG member for a year and have already secured new business that is worth over 20 times the cost of an annual membership fee. I enjoy the relaxed, yet structured, nature of the meetings. Plus I’ve made some wonderful friends."
Howie Clare – www.heyprestopublishing.co.nz

"Zarex found TNG to be more rewarding than the traditional network groups, the meeting agendas and formats are always evolving based on feedback from members - and the team is not afraid to try new ideas if they meet the needs of today's small businesses. Our membership is already opening some fantastic doors for us. Thanks guys!"
Simon Fortescue – www.zarex.co.nz

Dean from Maintain To Profit sent this email to his fellow TNG Group Members: "Networking at its best! Hi all, Just thought I’d share how networking can work so well. As you all know MTP have been working well with Heron Plumbing, today I’ve had a call from them to get us to go and line a bathroom that they are doing for one of their own clients. Its great how everything swings in round abouts and Heron have the confidence that they will get the job done! Cheers Dale and thanks for the work! See you all at next Wednesday’s meeting."
Dean Larritt – www.maintaintoprofit.co.nz