Mark Trafford, owner of TNG, has written a short and to the point networking book which is an easy-read for busy business owners. Whatever line of business you are in, this book will provide valuable “business take aways” to help you and your team members create new opportunities from networking.

'How to Grow Your Business Through Networking' by Mark Trafford

'How to Grow Your Business Through Networking' by Mark Trafford

The term “networking” is frequently tossed around the business world. It is easy to talk about networking, but implementing it is another matter, particularly when you have to go beyond the confines of the workplace. Fortunately, you will improve your networking skills when you create a solid network and position yourself for success. Networking outside of your company takes time and energy, but the reward is certainly worth the effort.

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"Finished reading Mark's book and it was amazing. The biggest part was the easy to understand text and language used which you could relate to quite easily. Mark's experience vividly displays in the book and practical illustrations were cherry on the cake. Great stuff."
- Gagan Rayat